Come Join Our 2017 Summer Bingo Family Fun Challenge!

Is your family up for a little fitness competition this summer?  This is a great way to keep your family motivated to stay in shape.  The family that plays together stays fit together.

We will start the week of May 29th and end the week of August 21st.   You will receive Unlimited Classes at CycleSurf Studio for up to 5 family members for $199 during this fun Bingo Challenge.

Bingo Family Fun Challenge Guidelines

  1. Come up with your Family Team Name
  2. Get a CycleSurf Bingo Card
  3. Follow the Card to fill in bingos including sharing or posting on Facebook or Instagram
  4. Our instructors will sign off when you come in for classes

How to Win

One Bingo (fill in a row on the card) = Entered for the weekly drawing for sun CycleSurf Prizes

Three Bingos = CycleSurf Clothing Item or 2-Class Pack

Black Out (complete your card 100%) = One 30 Minute Personal Training or 4-Class Pack



Member in the Spotlight

Member in the Spotlight

Catie Power

Meet Catie!  She has been a member of CycleSurf Studio since April 2016.  Catie found out about our studio from her husband so she decided to try a class.  For her first workout she brought her two kids to a surf board class. There was so much excitement – and giggling kiddos – immediately after class they asked if they could come back and they were hooked on CycleSurf.  Catie works at Wells Fargo, loves listening to David Bowie and her favorite song is Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones.  She has a very busy schedule, works out during the week after work making herself a priority, if needed she brings the kids with her and they all work out together at CycleSurf Studio – what a great option!  Catie said her biggest accomplishment is her positive attitude that has come from working out and feeling more confident about herself. Her fitness tip:  “Just do your best and keep moving forward, you get what you put in and exercise is the best investment you can make.”  Catie from the first day you walked through CycleSurf door I saw a sweet, caring and determined person. Once you found what I saw “WOW” there is no stopping you now.  You have knocked down so many barriers and can’t wait to see how many more you break through.  Thank you for becoming a member of our CycleSurf community and trusting us with your fitness journey!

So much fun! Both ladies are super nice and I actually look forward to going and working out. Very glad I found out about this place.

Candice Hayes-Prior


I prefer the Cycle/surf class the most. The workout it great and Instructors are even better.

Carla Kay Schneider Robertson


Our Story!

CycleSurf Studio was founded in 2015 by Jessica Hance, a long-time fitness and spin instructor, sprint tri-athlete, and personal trainer in the St. Louis Metro area (and mom of 2 kids). Our studio, located in O’Fallon IL , focus is FITNESS FUN for ADULTS & KIDS! After seeing the SURFSET® Fitness Surfboard on ABC’s Shark Tank in the fall of 2014 with its inventors Sarah Ponn and Mike Hartwick receiving an investment from billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, Jessica ordered a surfboard and was hooked on how fun land-based surfing exercise was and so were her kids. Her excitement launched a year-long journey to develop and open the ultimate fitness experience studio. CycleSurf Studio combines Jessica’s two workout passions of Cycling and Surfing all in one intimate studio setting where she has transformed the boring exercise based workout into a fun and exciting low-impact fitness experience.  CYCLESURF Studio is all about fun fitness for adults and kids too! read more

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