I was alarmed recently when I heard that in the US we are a few small percentage points away from one half of the population having DIABETES.  I thought:  this is 2016….are they joking?  I conducted my research and found that the claim is true, and childhood diabetes rates are even more alarming – WOW! 

I also learned that diabetes is largely attributed to sedentary lifestyle, poor diet (the Standard American Diet – known by the acronym SAD and appropriately named which I have written about before in my blog series here at www.cyclesurfstudio.com), and genetic predisposition.  The best thing is that we can control the first two categories – EXERCISE and FOOD INTAKE – which can make all of the difference in the fight against diabetes.

Mayo Clinic research uncovered two key facts:

  1. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to diabetes because your body does not perform as efficiently as that of a person in good physical condition.
  2. You cannot become a diabetic just because you eat too much sugar, but if you are predisposed genetically to diabetes these factors may raise your risk of eventually becoming a diabetic.

So with some serious focus on your fitness routine and eating habits you can combat and reverse the ravages or potential impacts of diabetes in your life.  But it does take a serious commitment to want to change followed by daily action.  So what are some simple ways to start?

Dr. Oz contributor, Lori Zanini RD, provides 4 simple ways to get your lifestyle on track if you have diabetes, are concerned about diabetes impacting you, or have family members with it.



  1. HYDRATE PROPERLY – YES, thanks Dr. Oz…I have said this again and again here on my blog series that you need to wake up each morning and drink 8 ounces or more of water immediately and then you need 8 or more glasses of water each day – that is 72 ounces of water each day.  I believe that water is the best beverage and will remove your craving for sodas and other chemically laden drinks that create a bad diabetes environment in your body (avoid soda at all cost).
  2. MAKE A MOVE – Get a fitness plan that starts simply with walking and then step it up to a more regular fitness routine.  Joining a fitness studio that has instructors who are there to support you is a great way to help hold yourself accountable to do this.  Let those around you – your family and co-workers – know what you are working toward and they will help support you.  We are always here for our members at CycleSurf Studio to support you in achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals – come and see for yourself!
  3. RETRAIN YOUR PALATE – You can literally retrain your palate in 10 days.  Lori Zanini RD, states:   Research has shown that taste buds regenerate approximately every 10 days, so lowering  added sugar in your diet for this amount of time, can help reduce cravings and help you become more aware of what is in the foods you eat.  This can help you control the flavors in your diet. Who knew that in 10 days your taste buds are brand new?  This gives me great hope that if you can just modify your diet for 10 days that you can get yourself on a great roadmap for eating success.  Use spices as a way to trick your palate – they are great for you and taste far better than sugar.
  4. ASK QUESTIONSIf you have been diagnosed with diabetes then ask key questions to understand your specific situation and how to best combat it, such as: 
    1. How was I diagnosed?
    2. What is my goal blood sugar range?
    3. Why was I prescribed this medication?
    4. What do I need to know about how food affects my blood sugar?

If you suspect that you are a borderline diabetic then get tested by your doctor.  As I like to say:  Don’t ignore it – deal with it!  Know that type 2 diabetes can be directly reversed by losing weight which can be achieved with fitness and eating improvements.

Diabetes and Diet Considerations

There are foods that can help you right away beyond the water intake recommended by Dr. Oz and Jessica Hance:

  1. Berries – Blackberries, blueberries, raspberrries, strawberries are all extremely helpful in combatting diabetes and just 1 cup each day can make a huge impact.
  2. Coffee – In moderation, coffee is a diabetes combatant but please remember one cup of coffee a day is good for you but 6 cups are not.  Moderation is the key here!
  3. Vegetables – Any fresh vegetable is better for you than a food coming from a can or a box.  Find the ones you like and educate yourself on how to prepare them in a healthy manner.  Try not to use butter and salt – consider olive oil and pepper as an alternative.
  4. Super Foods – Unleash the super foods!  Here is the link to my previous blog on super foods – please read it and use the Jessica Hance Top 50 Super Foods List as your secret weapon to combat diabetes


Are Super Foods Important?

I even recommend joining a group like Weight Watchers to retrain your mind on how to think about food, and also to hold yourself accountable to a weekly weigh in.  I have seen many of my friends and clients be successful in achieving their weight loss goals with the Weight Watchers system (and NO, I don’t get paid for the endorsement…but maybe I should – LOL).  Remember though that part of their system is exercise which is key to combatting diabetes according to the medical community.

So the good news is that you can have a huge impact on diabetes through exercise and diet!  I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic – come by the studio today and let’s talk about it.


At CYCLESURF Studio we workout adults and kids – ‘from 9 to 90’ (as I like to say: Children of All Ages although we have had kids as young as 3 years of age on the SurfBoards) – to help them get fit and healthy.  We are producing some pretty amazing weight loss stories too.  We use both the SURFSET® Fitness Board and the LeMond Revmaster® Pro Stationary Bike to have fun through exercise while working out with focus on 3 areas: CORE, OVERALL STRENGTH & BALANCE.   We have added PiYo and Suspension Training classes with the G-Strap System enabling some awesome fitness fusion classes and mixing it up for some great muscle confusion.  Come in to try a class in our O’Fallon, Illinois studio today and come meet me!  We serve the entire St. Clair County and Madison County, Illinois region and surrounding area including:  Belleville IL, Caseyville IL, Collinsville IL, Edwardsville IL, Fairview Heights IL, Granite City IL, Highland IL, Lebanon IL, Mascoutah IL, Scott AFB IL, Shiloh IL, Swansea IL, Troy IL and all points in between.  We even have clients come from St. Louis, Missouri – covering the entire St. Louis Metro Bi-State Region.  We are conveniently located at 633 West Highway 50 in O’Fallon, IL 62269 near the intersection of West Hwy 50 and Cambridge Blvd (next to the O’Fallon, IL Walgreens).  We love families too – consider bringing in your family for one of our ALL AGES CLASSES and experience the CycleSurf fun together or call me to plan a birthday party – for you or your kids – or even a charity fund raiser.  If you are searching for fitness fun in O’Fallon Illinois (IL) come to CycleSurf Studio!

Please remember your health is never an option.

Jessica Hance

Peace, Love, CYCLESURF!

Jessica Hance - Founder of CYCLESURF Studio bringing fitness fun to O'Fallon IL for all ages!

Jessica Hance – Founder of CYCLESURF Studio bringing fitness fun to O’Fallon IL for all ages!