At CycleSurf Studio we have been holding weight loss challenges and many of our members are having fantastic results. 

I find that simply reducing caloric intake and increasing your activity level through regular aerobic exercise is the simplest approach to weight loss.  Through this process we have been learning some tips and tricks to reduce calorie consumption and shed some pounds along the way.  I am always amazed at the ideas that our members come up with to help them become successful in their daily weight loss journeys.


Here is our CycleSurf Top 10 List to Reduce Your Caloric Intake:

  1. Swap out beverages with water – Some of our members have been reducing their daily caloric intake by almost 1000 calories with this easy technique.  I know you will still have those cravings so save one day a week to be bad and before you know it that one day consumption won’t be worth it any more.
  2. Replace bread with lettuce – You can take the stuff inside the sandwich – between the bread – and put it on top of a bed of lettuce turning your sandwich into a salad and save a lot of calories.  Also a great swap of bad calories for good calories.
  3. Eliminate spreads and salad dressings with Oil & Vinegar or Mustard or even Ranch –  Look at the label on that mayo or standard salad dressing and you will be shocked by how high the calories are.  You can do an easy swap to Oil & Vinegar or Mustard and save a ton of calories.  If you still crave creamy go with Ranch as that is a better choice.
  4. Use smaller plates and bowls – Portion control is really important and our standard plates and bowls are huge so swap to a saucer size plate for meals and smaller bowls.  Don’t have any?  You can buy disposable plates and bowls in any size you want and save yourself from doing dishes in the process.
  5. Drink 16 ounces of water before each meal and then prepare or order half as much food – I thought this was a great idea that one of our members came up with and worked well for her to shed over 10 pounds in one month.
  6. Skip dessert completely – Yes it is hard at first but as you modify your eating habits your cravings will diminish.  One idea is to buy some small Halloween size candy and reward yourself with one of those every other day before 8pm.  This way you are getting a sweet snack every 48 hours – eat is slowly!
  7. Swap snack foods for fruit and nuts (assuming you don’t have a nut allergy like my step-son) – Most people have a couple of different favorite fruits so I recommend to stay stocked up on those and eliminate the chips and other bad snacks from your pantry.  Then go to those as snacks whenever your stomach growls.
  8. Read the labels for two weeks – I don’t recommend obsessing over calorie counting.  Do however look at food labels for two weeks to start understanding how many calories you are taking in daily.  You will get educated and maybe shocked with how many supposedly good or low-fat foods are in fact not good nor low-fat.  Identify the worst culprits then eliminate and replace them.
  9. Chew, chew, chew your food – I know everyone’s mother said ‘chew your food’ and Mom was right! Chewing each bite 15+ times has several great health benefits including the slower you eat the less you will eat.  Mayo Clinic has found that for the average person it takes about 25 minutes for their brain to communicate to your body that their stomach it full – so it’s a simple time equation.  The slower you eat for those 25 minutes then the greater the odds you will eat less at that meal….who knew?
  10. Remember my Fist Rule – In my 2016 blog titled – The Key to Losing Weight: Portion Control and the Fist Rule

    The Key to Losing Weight: Portion Control and the Fist Rule

    – I shared my trick to use your fist as the guideline for how much you should eat at each meal.  Your stomach is much smaller than you think and most humans stomach is roughly the size of their fist.  Unfortunately, the super sized meal has expanded that for many of us but know it will snap back quickly with a few weeks of concentrated effort.


There are many other ideas to reduce your caloric intake.  I am interested in hearing what has worked for you – email me your tips at or come by the studio and share them with me.

At CYCLESURF Studio we workout adults and kids – ‘from 9 to 90’ (as I like to say: Children of All Ages although we have had kids as young as 3 years of age on the SurfBoards) – to help them get fit and healthy.  We are producing some pretty amazing weight loss stories too.  We use both the SURFSET® Fitness Board and the LeMond Revmaster® Pro Stationary Bike to have fun through exercise while working out with focus on 3 areas: CORE, OVERALL STRENGTH & BALANCE.   We have added PiYo and Suspension Training classes with the G-Strap System enabling some awesome fitness fusion classes and mixing it up for some great muscle confusion.  Come in to try a class in our O’Fallon, Illinois studio today and come meet me!  We serve the entire St. Clair County and Madison County, Illinois region and surrounding area including:  Belleville IL, Caseyville IL, Collinsville IL, Edwardsville IL, Fairview Heights IL, Granite City IL, Highland IL, Lebanon IL, Mascoutah IL, Scott AFB IL, Shiloh IL, Swansea IL, Troy IL and all points in between.  We even have clients come from St. Louis, Missouri – covering the entire St. Louis Metro Bi-State Region.  We are conveniently located at 633 West Highway 50 in O’Fallon, IL 62269 near the intersection of West Hwy 50 and Cambridge Blvd (next to the O’Fallon, IL Walgreens).  We love families too – consider bringing in your family for one of our ALL AGE CLASSES and experience the CycleSurf fun together or call me to plan a birthday party – for you or your kids – or even a charity fund raiser.  If you are searching for fitness fun in O’Fallon Illinois (IL) come to CycleSurf Studio!

Please remember your health is never an option.

Jessica Hance

Peace, Love, CYCLESURF!

Jessica Hance – Founder of CYCLESURF Studio bringing fitness fun to O’Fallon IL for all ages!