Circuit Training

Class includes times stations, each targeting different muscle groups, giving you a full body workout in 45 min.
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Cycle Circuit

You begin on a stationary bike and then we take you onto floor for various types of exercises from surf and weights to bands to bars. Everyone works at their own pace.
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Cycle Sculpt

This class is sure to be fun and out of ordinary incorporating resistance training as you cycle. It is a great all over body workout
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Cycle/Abs-All Ages

Cycle/Abs- 30 min of cycle followed by 20 min of non-stop abdominal exercises that will leave you feeling the burn.
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Cycle/Surf (Balance)

50 Minutes – Cycle and Surf Combined in the Same Class – Get the ultimate workout starting with a 30-Minute Cycling Session followed by a 20-Minute Surf Session. Come enjoy!

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Cycle/Suspension Bands

30 minutes on bike then 20 min of suspension band training
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Surf (Blend)

50 Minutes -Surf Class – Fun and exciting workout on surfboard. Come listen to awesome music while working out on surf board. Laugh, smile, sweat, and challenge yourself in a new way.

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Surf (Build)

Get Shredded with Targeted BodyWeight and Resistance Circuit Training
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Surf (Burn)

Torch Fat and Tone your core in High Intensity Intervals
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Suspension Band Training

Suspension Band Training is a total body workout. You will use your own body weight from different angles to engage more muscle groups at the same time. Which will help strengthen your whole body.
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Turbo Kick

Turbo Kick- Interval Based, full body workout, high energy with aerobics and martial arts combined. Easy to follow combinations, great way to release stress
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