Let Common Sense Be Our Guide

CYCLESURF STUDIO strives to provide a peaceful and respectful community for all members to co-exist and work toward their fitness goals.

We ask that all clients be considerate to every member of our CYCLESURF STUDIO community, respect the rights of others and in doing so follow these guidelines. CYCLESURF STUDIO reserves the right to deny access to any person CYCLESURF STUDIO deems to be violating these guidelines or acting in an inappropriate, unsafe or inebriated manner at its sole discretion, and is not required to refund any fees. Respect everyone and treat others the way you want to be treated…..remember the Golden Rule is still cool!

Cancellation. We ask you to cancel a class by 5pm (local time at your CYCLESURF Studio location) the day before it is scheduled to begin on our website at www.cyclesurfstudio.com. If you fail to take this action then you will be charged for the class as this limits CYCLESURF STUDIOs ability to rebook your spot, you are however still able to come the next day and attend the class.  Note:  We presently do allow our members to call, email or text at least 10 minutes prior to class start to cancel a scheduled class.  Please understand, we reserve the right to revert this policy back to the 5pm the day before notification as we continue to fill up our classes.

Cell Phone and Mobile Technology Usage. We do not allow cell phone usage inside CYCLESURF STUDIO classes. We reserve the right to deny access to members talking on the phone. If you have an urgent call please step outside quietly. The use of cell phones or mobile technology at any time for photo or video purposes is prohibited on premises and is not allowed by CYCLESURF STUDIO.

Clean-Up. We ask you to clean-up after yourself, including: trash in trash cans; towels in hampers; and wipe down the equipment and surrounding floor area you have used after each class with a disinfectant wipe provided by your Instructor.

Leave Promptly. We ask all our members to vacate CYCLESURF STUDIO promptly after each class – most importantly after the last class of the day – so our staff can clean and depart on time. Our last class time varies so we ask you to be sensitive in this matter.

Damaged and Out-of-Service Equipment. CYCLESURF STUDIO will make every effort to have all equipment working properly for each class. Should bikes or boards (or other equipment) be damaged we will make every accommodation to swap a replacement or put you on the CYCLESURF STUDIO Instructor equipment (at the discretion of the Class Instructor). Should this not be possible we will reschedule you to the next open class that fits your schedule at no cost to you.

Food, Beverages and Chewing Gum. Food and beverages, other than water, are not allowed in the CYCLESURF STUDIO fitness room and other common areas. Water is the only drink permitted in the workout areas and must be in a closeable and unbreakable container. Chewing gum is not ever allowed inside CYCLESURF STUDIO as this can ruin our equipment. Hygiene. We ask you to adhere to commonly accepted hygiene while attending CYCLESURF STUDIO classes. Wear clean clothes at all times. Be conscious of your body odor as it can be offensive to other members especially in close class situations.

Inappropriate Attire. We ask you to wear clothing that is widely regarded as acceptable, exhibiting good taste and common decency. If you wear clothing with words, phrases or pictures that are deemed inappropriate by CYCLESURF STUDIO we will ask to change, reverse the clothing item or leave. Should you wear clothing that is too provocative (revealing or tight) CYCLESURF STUDIO will again ask you to change or leave.

Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Found Items. CYCLESURF STUDIO is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or found items on the premises or outside including the parking lot. We urge you to only bring necessary items to your class and leave valuables at home. CYCLESURF STUDIO does not have a Lost & Found for lost items however any items found will be turned into the front desk at the location where they are found; this in no way implies CYCLESURF STUDIO is responsible for these items.

On-Time Attendance. We ask you to arrive for your class 10 minutes ahead of the start to check-in. If you are more than 5 minutes late your CYCLESURF STUDIO Instructor reserves the right to deny you access to the class with no refund as this is disruptive, impacts the class flow and can be a safety risk for you. Please note: CYCLESURF STUDIO reserves the right to give your spot to another member with no refund to you 5 minutes before the start of class.

Proper EquipmentUsage. We ask you to properly use the studio and its equipment only for designated purposes to prevent yourself from being injured and ensure its availability for all members. Ask for help from a CYCLESURF STUDIO Instructor if you are unfamiliar with the equipment.

Public Displays of Affection. We ask you not to engage in inappropriate displays of affection within or near the CYCLESURF STUDIO. Please consider the sensitivity of others and respect our community.

Smoking and Tobacco Usage. All CYCLESURF STUDIO premises are non-smoking and tobacco-free facilities and therefore does not allow the usage of any tobacco products inside or outside the studio location (this includes chew). We ask you to respect our community and abide by this guideline as many of our members are sensitive to tobacco.

Stalking, Inappropriate Advances & Weapons. We do not allow stalking and/or inappropriate advances toward any member from any other member (community or staff). Members will be asked to permanently leave CYCLESURF STUDIO with no refund. Weapons of any kind are not allowed at CYCLESURF STUDIO. We reserve the right to contact local Police for any reason.

Talking. We ask you to refrain from talking and making comments during class for your safety and the safety of the other members in your class. Plus it is rude for most members who are trying to focus on their workout.

Schedule Change. Please understand our schedule is subject to change based upon attendance or instructor availability so double check the online class schedule before you leave. We always strive to maintain our schedule but there will be situations arise that may cause a cancellation. In these situations, we will always allow you to reschedule to another class.

Thanks for your help in maintaining our awesome CYCLESURF community – PEACE, LOVE, CYCLESURF!