CYCLESURF Studio loves first timers! We want to make sure your first visit to our studio is fun, stress-free and the first of many more to come. We want to show you how approachable a CYCLESURF workout is.

3 simple things to remember on your class day: 

  1. Drink lots of water the day of your workout
  2. Print, review and fill out the CYCLESURF Studio waiver provided on this page
  3. Show up 10 minutes early.

Before your first class, we invite you to tour the studio and get fitted on the equipment (SurfSet Surfboards and LeMond RevMaster Pro Indoor Stationary Bikes) by your Instructor. After class remember to stretch and hydrate (double your normal water intake) to prevent sore muscles.

Questions & Answers

What if I can’t do everything in the class as I have not worked out in a while?

One of the best things about your workouts at CYCLESURF Studio is that every class can be adapted to any fitness level. Our Instructors do this every day for our clients and would love to modify any class for you too. We can adjust resistance on both the SurfSet Boards and LeMond RevMaster Pro Series bikes to adjust the workout to meet your ability level today and in the future. This is the best award winning equipment in the industry so you can count on a consistent experience every time no matter which piece of equipment you are on. Know that with every class comes increased confidence and strength, so we encourage first timers to go at their own pace and have fun within each class.

How is CYCLESURF Studio different from the fitness classes (Spin, Pilates, Zumba, TRX, Yoga, etc.) offered at my local gym?

CYCLESURF offers a full-body awesome and fun workout! Our classes are set to the beat of fantastic music and incorporating upper and lower body exercises into the class regimen along with core, balance and strength training. It is a different workout that we are certain you will be challenged by while you enjoy our supportive community. Our Founder, Jessica Hance, worked in all of these fitness disciplines and designed the routines at CYCLESURF Studio to be as challenging as all of the other offerings while having fun during your workout.   Try it and you will like it!

Where is CYCLESURF Studio located?

CYCLESURF Fitness Studio is in St. Clair County Illinois easily accessible to the entire St. Louis Metro Region located at: 633 West Highway 50 (633 W Hwy 50) in O’Fallon, Illinois (IL). CYCLESURF is near the intersection of West Highway 50 and Cambridge Blvd. We are next to the O’Fallon, IL Walgreens just to the west. If you make it to the CVS Pharmacy at Green Mount Road and West Highway 50 in O’Fallon, IL you have gone too far to the west. If you need directions please call CYCLESURF Studio at 618.974.6720

What should I wear?

Comfortable exercise clothing that is form fitting is the best answer. This can vary person-to-person. The instructors wear t-shirts or tank tops with yoga pants or running tights. Bring closed-toe athletic shoes for spin classes and most clients do surfboard work in their bare feet.

What should I bring?

You may bring your own water or you can buy it for $1 a bottle at the studio – water is an absolute essential for your class. If you have a spin class, then bring comfortable closed-toe athletic shoes (tennis shoe type footwear). It also helps to bring a good attitude and a smile!

What should I expect when I get to the studio before my class?

When you arrive at the CYCLESURF Studio, check in at the front desk. You will get to meet your instructor who will help you setup your spin bike and/or surfboard, and give you a tour of our studio. Please ask all the questions you have so you are 100% clear on the equipment. On the Cycle side, record your spin bike settings in your cell phone so you remember them for next time and experiment through your first couple of classes and tweak them until the bike becomes comfortable for you.

When should I arrive?

Arrive 10 minutes early so you can meet your instructor, tour the studio, choose your equipment and have your instructor help you setup your spin bike and surfboard.

Do you offer water?

Yes, we sell cold bottled water for $1 a bottle at CYCLESURF Studio. We require that all of our clients have water during their class. Hydration is critical when exercising and we stress this in every CYCLESURF class.

Do you provide towels?

Yes, CYCLESURF Studio has a towel service which provides clean towels for all of our clients during every class at no additional charge. Come check out the CYCLESURF difference today!

Who can benefit from a workout at CYCLESURF Studio, this seems like a really wild approach to fitness?

We don’t think of it as wild but really FUN and you have to experience it first-hand to understand it! If you want to break out of your traditional workout routine and shake things up to start seeing some real results then you will love CYCLESURF Studio. The adjustability of the surfboards and the spin bikes along with the progression of the program tailors an awesome class for the true beginner to the extreme cross fit athlete.

Is there anything special that I should know about the stationary spin bikes at CYCLESURF Studio?

Our LeMond RevMaster Pro Series spin bikes are state-of-the-art and the best bikes in the industry designed by Greg LeMond himself (3-Time Tour de France Winner). These bikes adjust in 4 ways: 1. Seat Height, 2. Fore/Aft Seat Position, 3. Handlebar Height, and 4. Pedal Preference (Toe Cage or Clip In with SPD Bike Shoes). Ensure that adjustment knobs are properly secured and do not interfere with range of motion during exercise. We recommend that you record your bike settings in your cell phone so they are easy for you to recall for your next class. It is important to note, that our spin bikes have a weighted flywheel and a fixed gear. This means that in order to stop, you must gradually slow your pedal strokes rather than stopping abruptly. If you do need to stop immediately, push down on the resistance knob. Do not dismount the bike or remove your feet from the pedals until both the pedals and the flywheel have stopped completely. We don’t want anyone getting injured and following these simple instructions will prevent injuries from occurring.

What should I do after my class?

We ask you to clean-up after yourself when your fitness class is finished, including: trash in trash cans; towels in hampers; and wipe down the equipment and surrounding floor area you have used after each class with a disinfectant wipe provided by CYCLESURF Studio. Then depart promptly so the next class can begin on time to start their exercise warmup. A clean CYCLESURF Studio is a happy CYCLESURF Community!

Can I use the SURFSET® Board if I have never surfed?

Yes, the SurfSet Board is an awesome way to introduce your body to the movements of surfing. It may be a challenge for you to work on the most difficult setting, but you can start at a beginner level and work your way up as your balance, core strength & surfing muscle memory improve.

Is there a Beginner Class?

No, beginners can take every class at CYCLESURF Studio. Just arrive 10-15 minutes before your first class so your instructor can understand your specific needs for the workout and can coach you on class modifications based upon your current fitness level.

How many calories can I burn per class?

This depends upon several variables: time in class, your weight plus body composition, and the amount of exertion or energy used. ACE (American Council on Exercise) and Mad Dogg Athletics (the owner of research indicates that on average, indoor cyclists burn from 500-700 calories in a 45-minute workout (remember we are 50-minute classes at CYCLESURF). SURFSET (the maker of the SurfSet Fitness Board) has documented results of 400-900 calories burned per class. And don’t forget with the SurfSet board included in your workout, you are building lean muscle which accelerates your calorie burn & increases your metabolism throughout the entire day. So even when you finish class and sit down in the car you are burning more calories than usual. This is why strength training is so beneficial and why surfers are so thin…it all adds up to one power-packed workout at CYCLESURF Studio!

Can I take classes at CYCLESURF Studio if I am pregnant?

We modify the workout routines so you can be safe during your pregnancy. On the Cycle side, some pregnant women ride right up until their due date. On the Surf side, we do not allow pregnant women on the board so we remove it and have you do a modified routine on the floor that work out quite nicely. If you are pregnant we do require you consult with your doctor before taking any CYCLESURF STUDIO classes (spin or surf) as our workouts are both core intensive and aerobic.

Will these classes bulk up my thighs?

On the Cycle side, when we ‘climb’ we increase our resistance and work on lower body strength building which sculpts legs and boosts your metabolism. There is not enough time to build bulk as these climbs do not last longer than a few minutes. Professional cyclists get large thighs because they climb for hours at a time which will never happen in a spin situation on an indoor stationary bike. On the Surf side, the surf movements actually build lean muscle and balance out the spin exercise delivering the ultimate balanced workout.

Is there a way to make the stationary bike seat more comfortable?

For beginners we find the bike and bike seat require a small adjustment period (usually two to four weeks). Some of our clientele bring their own padded gel seat to slip over the spin bike seat. Speaking from experience, in a relative short period of time you won’t need it as your body will naturally adjust to the spin bike seat.

Do cycling shoes make a difference, and if so, what kind should I get?

There are different schools of thought as cycling shoes provide benefits during spinning classes as they offer a more secure position in the pedals enabling the cyclist to work much more efficiently. Pedal strokes become more powerful when wearing cycling shoes on and allow you to target the correct muscle groups. SPD cleats work on our spin bikes. One of the neatest things about our LeMond RevMaster Pro Series stationary bikes are the super cool pedals. They accept SPD cleats on cycling shoes but on the reverse side there is a foot cage with a large pedal landing area for normal closed-toe athletic shoes. Our Founder, Jessica Hance, had this option added to the spin bikes so that everyone could enjoy the spinning experience at CYCLESURF Studio regardless of their footwear as spinning is her passion!

I am bringing friends with me and we are all new to CYCLESURF – do we all need to create an account?

If you are all adults (18 or old) you each will have to create an account on-line to book your class then print, fill out and sign our Waiver Form before your ride (see the link above). However, riders under 18 years of age must call us to book the class and have their parent or legal guardian come with them to CYCLESURF Studio to sign the waiver in person before their first class!

How do I create an account?

You can create an account online, over the phone, or at one of our studios. The only exceptions are for CYCLESURF Studio memberships and minors under the age of 18 (that require a parent or legal guardian in attendance) that must be setup in person at the studio.

Do you have childcare in the studio?

No, we do not provide childcare, and there are too many pinch points for young children and babies inside CYCLESURF Studio. However, children over the age of 10 can attend designated classes with their parent. There is no other fitness facility in the entire area where parents and their kids can workout together – come experience the CYCLESURF Studio difference!

Do you offer discounts?

CYCLESURF Studio does not offer discounts, but our pricing does become less expensive when you buy CLASS PACKS and MEMBERSHIPS. All MEMBERSHIPS come with the incredible ability to name up to 4 family members who are allowed to attend CYCLESURF classes at significantly reduced rates which our members love.

How old to you have to be to attend classes at CYCLESURF Studio? Can kids come to CYCLESURF?

On the Cycle side, riders must be 4’11” or taller, and at least 10 years old to ride. On the Surf Side, we generally accept 10 years olds or older however based upon maturity level, fitness level and the ability to concentrate for a 50 minute class we allow younger kids to be admitted at the sole discretion of CYCLESURF Studio. It is important to note, if you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian will need to sign a waiver for you in person.

Do I have to buy a CLASS PACK or MEMBERSHIP to attend CYCLESURF Studio regularly?

At CYCLESURF Studio you can pay by the class as long as you like. We do want you to realize that we offer significant discounts for larger CLASS PACKS and MEMBERSHIPS but the decision is entirely up to you. To see our class pricing, click here.

Do you have locker rooms and lockers?

No, CYCLESURF Studio is an intimate fitness studio environment with 10 indoor stationary spin bikes and 10 surfboards. We have cubbies for your personal items and you can keep an eye on your items at all times. We do recommend however that all of our clients leave their valuables at home or in their car.

Do you offer a special price for first timers?

Yes, we have a reduced price 2-Pack for first timers at CYCLESURF Studio.  We want you to enjoy your first two classes and believe that you will return for more classes because our studio is so compelling and such a fun workout.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, for classes we expect our clients to notify us by 5pm the day before their scheduled class if at all possible so someone else can take your seat. We presently do allow our members to call, email or text at least 10 minutes prior to class start to cancel a scheduled class  (Please understand, we reserve the right to revert this policy back to a 12 hour notification as we continue to fill up our classes). If this notification does not occur then the class will be decremented from the client’s class allocation. If you have purchased a MEMBERSHIP state law requires a three day consideration period. However, at CYCLESURF Studio after signing up for a membership we give you a five calendar day consideration period to cancel. Cancellation within the first five calendar days must be done in person at the CYCLESURF Studio location where you originally executed your agreement.

May I bring my pet to my class at CYCLESURF Studio?

No, pets are never allowed on the CYCLESURF Studio premises. There is too much activity and too many pinch points for pets.

Is there a max weight for the equipment at CYCLESURF Studio?

Yes, the CYCLESURF STUDIO equipment is maximum weight rated to 350 pounds (159 kilograms). We therefore cannot admit you to CYCLESURF STUDIO classes if you weight is above this maximum rating.

Do you offer refunds?

CYCLESURF Studio has a no refund policy. However, presently if you cancel a class prior to 10 minutes before the class start time you may reschedule into another class at no additional charge (we do reserve the right to modify this policy as classes become more full).

Do you have a Lost & Found?

No, CYCLESURF Studio does not have a Lost & Found and is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or found items on the premises or outside including the parking lot. We urge you to only bring necessary items to your class and leave valuables at home or in your car. However, any lost items found will be turned into the front desk at the location where they are found; this in no way implies CYCLESURF STUDIO is responsible for these items.

Does CYCLESURF Studio have a No Smoking & No Tobacco Policy?

Yes, there are no smoking or tobacco products allowed to be used on CYCLESURF Studio premises or within 50 feet of the front or rear door in accordance with local and state laws.

Does CYCLESURF Studio have a Weapons Policy?

Yes, weapons of any kind are not allowed on CYCLESURF Studio premises. We reserve the right to contact local Police or other appropriate authorities for any reason.

Do you allow food, beverages or chewing gum?

CYCLESURF Studio only allows water on the premises. Food, other beverages (other than water) and chewing gum are not allowed in CYCLESURF Studio. Our equipment is expensive and introduction of these elements could cause a maintenance problem which is harmful to our entire community…no equipment = no classes. CYCLESURF appreciates your understanding in this important matter!

How is the SURFSET® Board different than other balance trainers, like an IndoBoard or a Bosu ball? The SurfSet Board is built with an actual custom made surfboard, engineered to allow you to perform a wide array of traditional exercises with the added core benefit of working out on an unstable surface. Other balance trainers cannot truly mimic the workout of surfing, as they are either too unstable, too small, or they do not provide the same shape and similar movement of a surfboard on water. According to, the surfboard allows you to build aerobic conditioning, burn fat, build lean muscle, power, agility, stability & tone in addition to core & balance training. Other balance trainers can only claim 1-2 of these benefits.

Is CYCLESURF Studio an open concept gym?

No, we are a class based fun fitness studio. We love it that we are an intimate non-threatening exercise environment vs. the big box gyms in the O’Fallon Illinois area (Gold’s Gym, Club Fitness, Planet Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness Zone, YMCA). We know our clients names and personal goals, and proactively work with you to achieve each of your fitness and health goals. CYCLESURF does offer one-on-one training using our unique equipment: SurfSet Boards and LeMond Revmaster Pro Series spin bikes. If you are interested in individual personal training then call CYCLESURF Studio to schedule a session at 618.974.6720 today.

Does using the SURFSET® Board feel like real surfing?

Yes, the SurfSet Board was created to mimic the feeling & the physical demands of surfing. The unique side-to-side motion of the board feels just like floating atop the water on a surfboard, and allows you to train the same core muscles as a surfer without the ocean.

Is the SURFSET® Board suitable for children? Yes, the SurfSet Board is a fun and safe way for kids to get in shape and learn to surf at the same time. The workouts are low impact and only use resistance bands and bodyweight so as not to stunt growth or lead to injury. CYCLESURF Studio is the only exercise studio in Southern Illinois that offers fitness classes for kids, tweens and teens on this fun and exciting fitness equipment!

May I stay and stretch after my class?

We’d love to let you but remember there generally is another class coming in after your class. Our Instructors do have a cool down and stretch at the end of each class. After your class we ask you to quickly clean-up after yourself, including: trash in trash cans; towels in hampers; and wipe down the equipment and surrounding floor area you have used after each class with a disinfectant wipe provided by your CYCLESURF Studio. We then ask our clientele to leave promptly after each class – most importantly after the last class of the day – so our staff can clean and depart on time. Our last class time varies so we ask you to be sensitive in this matter.

How is CycleSurf different from the big box gyms?

I have attended classes at, belonged to, and instructed in a lot of gyms over the last decade plus (big box member based open concepts), including:  Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, Club Fitness, LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, the old Bally’s, Crunch, the JCC, Core 3, St. Louis Spin and the YMCA (that’s a mouth full).  CYCLESURF Studio is a class based fitness community in an intimate studio setting based upon a unique vision to combine my two fitness passions of Cycling and Surfing under one roof.  We do not have open workout times but do offer Personal Training based private surfing, cycling and stretching sessions for clients that prefer one-on-one instruction.  I built this studio to address a void in the St. Clair County IL fitness market. There is no other studio where kids can come and workout too!  Come in today and let me know how cool and unique our exercise approach is…I look forward to meeting you!

Thanks for your help in maintaining our awesome CYCLESURF community – PEACE, LOVE, CYCLESURF!